Shimuja Teases Upcoming Miami Beach Location

One-half of us really loves ramen (Dianne). Myself, not so much. I’ll eat it and enjoy it, but it’s not something I crave – I’d rather chow down on other Japanese staples like sushi. There is one ramen spot, though, that we both can’t get enough of: Shimuja.

There’s one issue, however: Shimuja is in Davie. For us Miami folk, that’s a bit of a trek. Thankfully, Shimuja opened a popup at Sunset Harbor that was much closer and didn’t require a trip over the county line. Located inside the old El Grito space (RIP), Shimuja’s Miami Beach popup featured a variety of ramen options; if you didn’t eat pork, there were plenty of other options to satisfy your craving.

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Lure Fishbar: An Unexpected Miami Spice Delight

When we do Miami Spice, we do our research and scour menus for the best values. But if Lure Fishbar has taught us anything, it’s not to judge a book by its cover. On paper, the Miami Spice offerings at Lure seemed like your standard fare. We were so wrong.

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Don’t Miss Miami Spice at Prime Italian

With Miami Spice winding down, there are only so many dinners you can squeeze in. In these final days of the promotion, make sure that Prime Italian is at the top of your list. The Italian restaurant on Miami Beach is one of the best ways to go out with a bang.

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Cecconi’s: A Tasty Miami Spice Surprise

With Miami Spice wrapping up in less than a month, figuring out where to eat has become even harder. The time crunch means that you really can’t waste any time with ho-hum menus — you should only be picking the best spots. And one of those spots is Cecconi’s.

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RED, the Steakhouse: An Impressive Miami Spice Feast

When it comes to Miami Spice, the  menu at Red, the Steakhouse South Beach pulls no punches. Chef Peter Vauthy and his team rotate the Spice menu regularly to keep guests on their toes. Through September 30, diners can expect a unique experience during each visit to the steakhouse.

Here are a few reasons we can’t recommend the place enough.

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